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Born in Hyōgo Prefecture, an area of Japan known for its premium-grade Yamadanishiki sake rice, Chef Shigeru Tanigawa has a career lasting over four decades. His résumé includes culinary residencies with Japanese restaurant group Nadaman in Osaka and Shinagawa, Japan, the luxury brand Lotte Hotel & Resort in South Korea, and the Inagiku, one of the oldest and best-known Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. 

After three years in Tokyo, Chef Tanigawa returned to Hong Kong to open his own establishment, Tanigawa, emphasizing authentic, fresh Japanese seasonal ingredients. Whether you are new to Kaiseki or one of many returning regular customers, we invite you to enjoy the chef's many thoughtfully crafted delights. Including the dashi, one of Japan's mother stocks and the base for many of the cuisine's most famed soups and broths.

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